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About Me


Hello, I'm Amanda Flow, born in Brazil. From the ages of 8 to 15, I dedicated myself to gymnastics, training rigorously for 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. Unfortunately, the toll on my young body was significant, as gymnastics is known to cause extensive physical damage. Within a short period, I experienced deep injuries, undergoing regular physiotherapy and acupuncture sessions.

These challenging experiences sparked my curiosity in natural therapies for healing both body and mind. Thus began my holistic and personal development journey. The Alexander Technique, a powerful posture re-education training, captured my heart, leading me to pursue an intensive 3-year training course in the UK. I graduated in 2011, and my experience with the Alexander Technique was truly transformative. My lordosis was completely cured, and I've since enjoyed an incredible posture, even gaining an additional 2cm in height.


Along the way, I embraced meditation and other holistic therapies, incorporating them into my daily routines. My life's journey has been a beautiful process of self-improvement, striving to become the best version of myself.

During this period, I joined a renowned global wellness and supplement company. Through hard work and dedication, I was officially recognized for my contributions and achievements within a year. Working for the company provided me with valuable opportunities to delve deeper into self-development and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eventually, I decided to pursue a change of scenery and relocated to Portugal, in search of sun and new possibilities.

Driven by my passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle, I established my own brand called Kaizen Go Vegan. I create delicious and super healthy vegan spreads made of almond paste, vegan Nutella, and raw cacao energy balls. Additionally, I lead wellness experiences, teaching yoga and meditation classes, followed by vegan breakfasts and outdoor vegan Boho dinners that attract people from around the world. It was during this time that my Aero yoga coach introduced me to a breathwork practice called LPF (low pressure fitness), known for its benefits in improving posture and strengthening the pelvic floor. As a birthday gift, I received training in LPF or Hypopressive from Pity Pinsarch, co-founder of the LPF academy in Spain. Subsequently, I organized workshops for Pity in Cascais, Portugal, and my training culminated in the complete healing of my lifelong urinary incontinence condition.

Additionally, I developed my own unique class called Hypoflow, incorporating Hypopressive, Yoga, and elements of the Alexander Technique. I've had the opportunity to coach this class in various settings, including spas, outdoor sessions, private classes, online platforms, and my personal studio in Lisbon, Portugal.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I returned to Brazil to recover from the multitude of life changes and to be close to my family. This period allowed me to pursue studies in Shamanism with Xamanismo Sete Raios and Sound Healing at the Soundfulness School. Once the pandemic subsided, I traveled to beautiful Ibiza to share my work with exclusive private clients. Unfortunately, my time in Ibiza took a turn when I had a severe accident while jumping on a trampoline without protection, nearly ending my life. The recovery process was arduous and lengthy, but I remained determined. Once I regained my health, I resumed sharing Yoga, Breathwork, and Sound Healing with individuals from around the world.

As the summer in Ibiza drew to a close, I returned to the UK and began coaching ice tub sessions with Breathwork, Sound Healing, and Yoga for my international private students.


My Qualifications 

Below are the Qualifications i have achieved 

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